Hello, It’s Me

ive been busy

I haven’t blogged in forever. Like actually almost a whole two months. I’m the absolute worst. Finals, work, and life got in the way of me keeping this up. BUT I’M BACK. AND I PROMISE now that I’ve settled into work and life I’ll be much better at this whole blogging thing. Especially now that it’s SUMMER!!!!

((Just a note – during the year it was easier for me to blog on a Monday/Tuesday, but for the summer I’ll be posting mostly on Friday’s. It’s the only day I have off during the week so I’ll be doing all my meal planning / workout plans and such on those days. But I’ll post pictures on my Instagram whenever the spirit moves me so be sure to follow that!!!))

flippy floppies

This is my aesthetic.

Summer has always been my favorite in terms of food. SO many good fruits and veggies are in season, fish is a must-have food, grilling is a thing, AND you can have really good cocktails! With little umbrellas in them!

I’m working two jobs this summer, so eating and cooking all the amazing summer foods is even more important than it has been before. I’ve been following a lot of awesome meal prep Instagram accounts and have gotten some awesome advice from a girl I work with about the best ways to meal prep. But if anyone has any tips or tricks that they’d like to share, PLEASE let me know!!! Comment on this article, send me a Tweet or an Insta DM, email me, whatever.

So last week, I found this article on Buzzfeed (aka where I get all my information nowadays) about how to make THE EASIEST salmon dinner EVER. It was SO GOOD – I had it for dinner three nights in a row! It had two of my favorite summer foods – salmon and asparagus. It was seriously the quickest dinner I’ve made in a long time.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 2 salmon fillets
  • 1 tbs extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 16 asparagus spears
  • 2 slices of onions
  • 4 slices of lemon
  • 1 tsp fresh parsley, chopped
  1. Preheat oven to 400F
  2. In a medium bowl, place the two pieces of salmon; pour 1 tbsp olive oild and sprinkle sale, pepper, and dried oregano.
  3. Cut two sheets of foil. it has to be big enough to wrap the salmon and asparagus
  4. First place asparagus (about 8 spears) on the sheet of foil
  5. Layer fillets over asparagus
  6. Top each with about 2 onion slices and 2 lemon slices
  7. Wrap sides of foil inward over salmon, then fold on top and bottom of foil to enclose
  8. Place foil packets in a single layer on a baking sheet
  9. Bake in preheated oven for about 20 minutes
  10. Unwrap and using a large spatula, transfer the foil packets to plates and serve warm




Challenge Accepted

I love a good challenge.

I was on spring break last week, so I spent it with my family outside of Philadelphia.  I was talking to my mom about the vacation we’re going on at the end of July, and we’re both not feeling the whole bathing suit thing (kind of problem when we’re going to be on a beach for a week).  So we both decided that we would try to lose 30lbs by the time we get on the plane.  Loser has to buy the winner a round at the bar (this is a new rule I just made up. @Mom, can we add this to make it more interesting?).

Tomorrow I’ll post my measurements and weight, and every other week I’ll update those.  I won’t be going totally by the numbers, but it’ll help to keep track.  I have from March 29 to July 23 to lose ((around)) 30lbs. 117 days.  I definitely think I’ll be able to do that! I just have to up my exercise.  The food thing is much more under control since starting the gluten free thing, but the exercise still has a long way to go.

horizontal running

I am Fat Amy always.

With that fun thing in mind, I had a TON of fun planning my food for the week.  I prepped three different things today that I can use over and over, so my meals will be a bit repetitive but SO YUMMY. This week I looked for recipes that were pretty easy and didn’t have a million ingredients, and I found this BuzzFeed article that I plan on using again!! From the article, I made some Smashed Avocado and Chickpea Salad which is AMAZING.  The recipe calls for dried cranberries to be added, but I’m not a huge fan of cranberries (also I couldn’t find them) so I added red onion instead.  I need to pick up some gluten free bread, but I’m so excited to have this sandwich this week! Tomorrow I’ll be making the Italian Chicken skillet meal.  I’m cutting the portions in half, so it’ll only be two chicken breasts instead of four. I’m really excited to try this one – it seems like a good one to make a ton of at once!

I also made Turkey Meatballs to have in pasta this week (this one I found on Pinterest, not BuzzFeed). The recipe I found is absolutely incredible and so easy.  They’re definitely the best turkey meatballs I’ve ever had! I think I used a touch too much parsley, but once they get mixed in with the pasta and sauce it shouldn’t bee too noticeable.  I had never thought to use oats in meatballs, but it seems like a much better alternative to using bread crumbs. I unfortunately didn’t have gluten free oats, but I’ll be sure to use those next time I make this.  The finished result tasted so good (and they look pretty great too!).

A photo posted by Michelle Corr (@pcosandpizza) on Mar 28, 2016 at 2:36pm PDT


ice cream crying

I just want ice cream.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make healthier snacks for myself, something to add when I get hungry in the middle of work. I normally have clementines, or carrots and hummus, or gluten free pretzels with peanut butter, but I’m a little tired of just having the same things. So I tried to make some roasted chickpeas with spicy seasoning that I found (it’s called Todd’s Dirt. I used the Bayou Dirt but I also love the Crabby Dirt) and a little olive oil. I was stoked about my new little snack and pulled the tray out of the oven as soon as the time went off – and they were all burned. Every. Single. One of them.  I followed all the instructions, but I guess I need to keep them in the oven for less time. Or lower the temperature.  I’ll try again tomorrow – hopefully they won’t burn this time. Was the healthy snack burning a sign that I should just eat fries and ice cream all the time? Should I listen to the signs from the universe? Who knows.

If you want to try anything that I made, you can find all the recipes here! Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram! I’m going to try to post more on there, like what I’m eating, my workouts, and fun/inspirational memes I find!


Mac and Cheese

So I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been insanely busy with school and with a musical that I was involved with. And I’ve been eating HORRIBLY pretty recently because I haven’t had time to cook.  BUT I’M BACK. AND TRYING TO EAT HEALTHY AGAIN. AND BLOGGING.

late night dancing

***Eminem’s Without Me plays faintly in the background***

As I said, I haven’t been eating great. Lots of gluten (aka pizza and hoagies), lots of cheese, and lots of fried foods without many vegetables. Unless you count onion rings and ketchup as vegetables. In that case I had my daily servings. I honestly haven’t had time to make food or sleep or do any workouts lately which isn’t great. I need to learn to prioritize more. But I’m getting back into my normal routine which is great, but I haven’t had much time to grocery shop so I’m a bit low on food right now.

Last night, I really really really wanted mac and cheese, which comes second on my favorite foods list.  Mac and Cheese, of course, has the two things I’m trying to avoid most – gluten and hella dairy.  I didn’t haven any of the pre-packaged stuff (which is horrible for anyone because #calories but especially me right now), so I decided to make my own. I had some awesome Tinkyáda Rice Pasta and some almond milk, so I added those and a little bit of butter to some shredded cheese I had in the fridge.  I know dairy isn’t great for the PCOS lifestyle, but I do keep shredded cheese to add a little to omelettes. Omelettes just taste better with cheese, ok?

mac and cheese

Literally same.

My mac and cheese turned out pretty great – the almond milk made it a little sweet, and there was the PERFECT amount of cheese so it got all gooey and wonderful.  My only complaint was that it was pretty bland. I added some salt and pepper to flavor it a bit more, but I need to figure out a better way to add a little kick to it. I was thinking next time I’ll try a hint of mustard, or maybe even some hot sauce. Other than that, I think I’ve found a really good alternative to the box mac and cheese. It’s a pretty quick thing to make which is awesome for me, and I can just stock up on gluten free pasta and a bag of shredded cheese rather than buy the processed gross stuff. I’m pretty stoked about this recipe, so I put it below in case anyone wants to try it out!

Michelle’s Mac and Cheese

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.11.47 PM

1 cup Tinkyáda Rice Pasta Fusilli

1/2 cup Silk Almond Milk (unsweetened vanilla)

1 tbsp. butter

Shredded cheese (I didn’t measure how much I put in, but it depends on how cheesey you like it!)

Cook pasta according to instructions on bag.  Strain pasta and put it back in the pot. Put heat on low and add butter and milk. Stir until butter is totally melted. Gradually add cheese and stir until it completely melts.