Updates and Issues

I’m so sorry about the lack of posting. Life happened. Spring Break happened. I kind of forgot to blog. My B.


The first part of this blog will be a few updates. For the second part, imma get real for a sec.

The thing I’m most excited about is that I got my ASS kicked by a spin class.

I took my first class at Cyc Fitness in Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday, April 2.  I had taken spin classes before, and as part of the 30lb Challenge I’m doing, I decided to go to this studio and start taking classes once a week.  Everyone at the studio was super friendly and helped me get set up and made me feel comfortable.  The studio is SO COOL – it’s pretty intimate which I love, and they use black lights so if you wear white or neon you glow.  My instructor (aka Cycologist) was Tom and he was incredible.  He even started twerking in the middle of class. I’m obsessed. I bought a class pack so I’ll be heading back tomorrow for another class – this time with Cycologist Steph! I can’t wait!

cyc hells kitchen

The Cyc Hell’s Kitchen Studios!!

In my last post, I promised I would post my measurements and weight so I could keep track.  Better late than never! These were taken on the first day of the 30lbs challenge, and I haven’t taken measurements since. I’ll update these in my next post!

Weight: 185lbs • Waist: 36 inches • Hip: 44 inches • Chest: 44 inches • Thigh: 25 inches

LOL @ me posting my weight and measurements on the Internet for everyone to see.  As a

brad dancing


reminder, to people who haven’t seen my previous blog posts, I’m trying to get down to 155 before July 23. On July 23, I’m getting on a plane with my family to go on vacation, and I would love to finally feel good about myself in a bathing suit. I might even buy a bikini (woooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh).  I don’t care so much about the measurements, but it’s good to have a record of where I’m starting out.  Now I just have to work out. You know. Sweat a little. Die a little. It’s whatever.


Ok. Time for some ~real talk~.

I started this blog to track my fitness and try to figure out things that work with PCOS. While everything’s been going pretty well so far, the PCOS is starting to catch up with me.

In addition to the food and working out, I’ve been working with my doctor to find the right pill for me.  I take the pill to regulate my hormones because that $#!+ is all over the place.  Since going on the pill back in September, my PMS symptoms have gotten SO MUCH BETTER. I used to get crazy cramps (like fetal position, four ibuprofen, don’t-touch-me cramps), really killer migraines, mood swings, and bad anxiety all before Aunt Flo came.  While I still get some cramps and the mood swings / anxiety stuff hasn’t gone away totally, it’s much more under control than it was a few months ago.

But this month, I’ve been having some issues. My doctor just switched me to a new pill with a slightly higher dosage, and while the first pack seemed to work really well, I’m not feeling too hot this month.  At all.  I’m feeling really crampy and my anxiety has come back in full swing.  I’ve looked up a lot of stuff online about my specific pill (Microgestin 1/20) and a lot of women have written reviews about how this pill worked for a bit but they ultimately switched due to varying side effects, including what I’m experiencing. Some of these women have PCOS and some don’t, but it seems this pill effected everyone the same.

I am talking to my doctor about it and she knows exactly what’s going on, but I’m just pretty frustrated.  I went on the pill to get things working the way they’re supposed to, and that’s not happening.  It literally had one job and it’s not doing it.

I guess that’s more of a medicinal complaint than it is a PCOS complaint, but if I didn’t have PCOS then I wouldn’t have to deal with the stupid pill.  Remembering to take it every day is hard enough without my body constantly reminding me that things suck sometimes. Ugh.

Ok. End of rant.  I’ll be posting again soon – and I’ll let you know how my second class at Cyc goes!!!



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